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At Clean Zone, we are able to offer you a huge variety of products which are fit for purpose, good value for money and of premium quality. We source our products from a range of well known popular brands which are manufactured to British standards.

In our catalogue, you will find lead suppliers of equipment across the UK and parts of Europe. The products we provide are designed with a strong focus on sustainability with a green future in mind.

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A well established brand for floor care solutions, British Nova provides some of the best chemicals designed to maintain and preserve your floors. With a range that covers polish strippers, floor polish, floor maintainers and floor sanitisers, British Nova have a product to match any need.
Medisan is a producer of medical grade alcohol sanitizers which are effective against all germs and viruses. These products are vegan friendly and contain emollients to prevent the drying of skin.
Senses offer popular a popular selection of soaps and sanitizers that are suitable to all specifications. They offer a range of fragranced soaps in apple, citrus, floral and peach notes, and our Envirological soap is formulated to be extra kind to the environment.
Cleenol provide an extensive range of chemical products, meaning they are a single source for all solutions including even the most demanding of cleaning requirements. Each product in Cleenol’s general or bespoke range of cleaning solutions is formulated to provide the highest standards in domestic, commercial and industrial hygiene technology. They also formulate to industrial strength to service the professional market.