Catering Products

We have a strong relationship with the hospitality trade and therefore provide a wide assortment of products needed within the sector.

We provide products that cater to all types of industry within the sector and can accommodate all needs and requirements. Our products are from manufacturers with some of the strongest reputations in the business.


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Huge range of catering products available

  • Ware washing equipment
  • Food preparation equipment
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Bar supplies
  • Professional utensils
  • and more

Our catering brands

World leading manufacturer of quality ware washing and dynamic food preparation equipment.
Recognised as the UK’s largest and most reliable supplier of Barware to the hospitality industry.
Zodiac has become one of the leading suppliers of Commercial Catering Equipment and Housewares, across the UK and parts of Europe.Their products range from glassware and crockery to essential catering equipment.
GenWare tableware and barware add innovation to food presentation during food service. The Genware product range offers the perfect balance of quality, fitness for purpose and value for money covering a comprehensive range of catering products.