Packaging products

Our packaging range reflects our intentions of being as environmentally friendly as possible by promoting sustainability, biodegradable packaging, and compostable and recyclable plastic alternatives.

We do not use or supply single use plastics such as straws and disposable cutlery. With wide ranges of packaging specific to the food industry we can offer products that can be used for serving in a range of environments. 

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Huge range of packaging products available

  • Hot & cold cups
  • Cutlery for takeaway
  • Bagasse takeaway
  • Cartons to go
  • Portion pots
  • Bags to go & napkins
  • and more

Our packaging brands

An award winning manufacturer who produces a variety of disposable products and packaging solutions designed for the food service and retail sector.
The Edenware Range has been designed to promote a more sustainable future with its compostable and biodegradable products range
Colpac is an award-winning British designer and manufacturer of innovative and sustainable food packaging with a focus on sustainability.